>Press Release: The NSWU announces Top 10 Security Industry Employers Awards


To promote and improve the treatment of UK security industry workers, we are announcing a new award.

An award that is voted for by the workers. All those that work for a company that not only pays fairly, but is decent, understanding and treats its employees with the respect that such vital and valuable staff deserve, are encouraged to tell us about it.

We have all heard the horror stories and could list the ‘companies to avoid’, but we want to promote and recognise the decent employers in the industry, while encouraging those that are ‘not so good’, to change.

The Union hopes to make this an annual award, and will accept nominations and supporting information, from all workers within the industry, Union members or not.

We know that good treatment from an employer creates and attracts motivated, committed and professional staff. This benefits the end customer as well as the employer in so many ways. We hope that the award winning companies will be a beacon for less enlightened organisations to follow and that, as a result, standards within the industry will start to improve.

Nominations will be accepted from now, and the Award winners will be officially announced in December, date to be confirmed nearer the time….

This is just one of many initiatives that the NSWU intends to implement with the intention of driving industry standards ever upwards and in so doing, increase the level of respect and appreciation for the vital work performed by the workers in the UK security industry.

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