Progress Update: SyI Diploma in Security Management

I am now over half way through the Security Institutes Diploma, having completed 6 assignments (3 modules). So far my results have been pretty good with distinctions on each……. Oh yeh!

I undertook the Diploma to not only gain a further professional qualification in security but to see if I could actually knuckle down, pick up and read some books and also to see if i could find the time to write the assignments.

I also signed up to the Diploma to see if a Degree or a Masters is a something that I could potentially undertake. A number of contacts in the security world (both academics and practitioners) have all said that the Masters is the route to take and to just get on with it, but it is a massive commitment and I’m just not convinced if a more academic route is right for me.

The first couple of modules were not too bad but in March I started a new day job (didn’t foresee that one) so since then it’s been tough to find the time. It has made me research a couple of subjects that I wouldn’t have done if I were not studying and it has also made me structure and plan my work……which are all good stuff.

So lets get the remaining assignments completed (should be done by October) and then I will take it from there. If anyone has any comments on should I or shouldn’t I then please feel free to comment.



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