Protective Security: A New Selection of Educational Video’s From CPNI




The CPNI has released a selection of new educational videos regarding Protective Security (focusing on the PerSec strand) and apart from the really dodgy voice over they are good and deliver some really clear messages to staff. Each one is aimed at a different levels of an organisation  They are not designed for security professionals but could be utilised by us as usual training and awareness tools, maybe get 1 or more added to your e-learning packages or the intranet? CPNI did ask for industry input on these so they do break the mould from some of normal boring stuff that can come from Government departments/agencies. Check them out and see what you think……………….

A film for managers. Not all good personnel security measures are expensive.

This film is for strategic people-risk decision makers, highlighting the importance of making proportionate risk management decisions.

A film for line managers, showing how good management is key to robust personnel security.

A film for the whole workforce. Security is everybody’s business: by working together everyone is more secure.

A film for managers, illustrating how personnel security issues can damage an organisation.

A film for the whole workforce, exploring the potential threat inside your own organisation.


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