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The Coalition’s handling of the spending cuts to the economy is impacting security differently across departments, argues ADS Security Policy Adviser Hugo Rosemont
How the current state of the economy impacts national security remains an important question due to the surprising lack of attention given to it. However, it is a crucial consideration, and the Coalition Government believes that ‘an economic deficit is also a security deficit’.
Contrary to some perceptions, there have been significant levels of new investment in the UK security market during the current period of deficit reduction. For example, in a survey published in October 2011, ADS revealed that its members completed £1.8bn worth of security business in the UK during 2010. In addition, there has been significant growth in the global security market; it is currently worth about £260bn per annum and is estimated to grow to £337bn by 2015.
It is worth remembering, however, that the UK security market comprises purchasers from both public and private sectors. Public sector customers account for a large proportion of sales, and the effect that the economic conditions are having on UK government departments’ abilities to invest in national security capabilities, especially in the context of deficit reduction, must be examined.
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