Retail Security – Does The Bag Tax = More Shoplifting?

Plastic Bag SecurityRetail losses were £603m in 2014 and this was a 10 year high but retailers are appear obsessed with protecting 5p carrier bags. Recently I tweeted about a Marks and Spencer store in Central London that allowed me to scan my own lunch but not a 5p carrier bag.

Tesco stores (and no doubt others) have even been reported recently as having security tags on 10p plastic bags, but no doubt most goods worth far more still go without tags!

I also read that employees could be fined £200 for not charging for carrier bags! And a business up to £5000! Serious stuff…but please spare some thought for the front line loss prevention and security teams that now have to deal with this. We have seen some media coverage on a number of over zealous security officers but I do feel for them for what is at times already a difficult job.

With more people refusing to pay the bag tax and walking out with arms full of PAID goods I can only see retail losses increasing as shoplifters take full advantage of this situation and walk out with arms full of UNPAID goods.

Before a certain type of society starts to accuse me of being a tree killer, I absolutely agree that something needs to be done, but why not just ban single use carrier bags and introduce a more environmentally friendly option. After all, as retail losses increase we will not only be paying the bag tax but also the associated hike in prices to compensate for the extra losses. PD

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