Robbers and burglars named and shamed on buses

The Bus Advertisement

Photographs of convicted offenders are being placed in buses in a bid to make prospective criminals feel “uncomfortable”.

The £20,000 advertising campaign by Bedfordshire Police features pictures of those recently jailed for burglary and robbery offences in the county.Police said they wanted those thinking of committing crime to “think twice”.

A spokesperson said: “We aim to put the fear of crime back onto them, instead of the community.”

“Seeing pictures of local offenders publicised in this way will make them and their associates feel uncomfortable, but we would rather that than have innocent members of the public feel that they have something to fear,” said Assistant Chief Constable Andrew Richer.

Mr Richer said that they hoped the adverts would encourage people to take action to protect themselves.

“In these times of austerity it is vital that every penny we spend has an impact,” he said.

The adverts will run on Arriva buses between June and September as reports of burglary traditionally go up in the summer months.


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