>Scams Awareness Month – I Must Have Victim Written All Over Me!


It is currently Scams Awareness Month and I previously highlighted a scam which I received via email regarding my ebay account and specifically around issues with a credit card (view the article here). So today I received an email regarding a car I am trying to sell (strangely enough its also listed on a popular auction site plus one other site) and here it is……………
Yeh Right!! (Click to enlarge)
Do people actually fall for this crap??!! I presume people do, I haven’t seen any figures but I wonder what their success hit rates are. Needless to say the email has been deleted* and the sender a ‘Alan James’ via omnitelservice@gmail.com has been added to my spam list!

*NB: Although I did reply to the message one last time so lets see what comes back!


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