Update: Security Institute Diploma in Security Management

With module 4 now submitted (2 days prior to the deadline) I am now onto the final module, so that’s only 2 more assignments and then done!

Module 4 was an interesting couple of assignments. The first 1500 words was explaining why employment law is just as important to a security manager as say criminal law. Being involved and interested in Personnel Security (PerSec) as much as I am this was a good one for me and 1500 odd words were soon rattled off (probably a load of rubbish though).

In assignment 2 I had to write about a piece of recent legislation. This was a little more difficult as I couldn’t find anything that interested me enough to write about. I hunted around (also asked the very helpful Katy at Perpetuity for advice) and eventually decided to write about the Protection of Freedoms Act and specifically around the revised CRB process (now called the Disclosure and Barring Service – DBS).
By the way you may be aware that a new ‘Update Service’ was launched by the DBS a couple of weeks ago. This is excellent news and checkout this link to read more about it.

Fingers crossed for the results of module 4! Hopefully they should be good because I put some hard work into these 2 assignments.

I have some time to get the final module completed, although not as much as I think. It’s in my calendar as the 5 December…….I think that might be wrong!


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