Security Management : Lots to say but no time to write it!

The last 3 months have been busy for me, what with starting a new day job (which is going well and thanks for asking), studying for the SyI Diploma in Security Management (only 3 assignments to go), some travel for work and of course the all important R&R with team Drury!

At these times it’s difficult to keep a blog going (note to self….I must try harder). I do however maintain my twitter feed with regular updates and current news articles. I’m also now over the 2k followers benchmark.

The security world has been busy of late and I have some ideas for future articles BUT I just need to write the dam things!

Recently I have been spammed to death with guest blogger requests…..I fully support posting good quality guest posts, but the cack I have recently received are poor and offer no value to anyone…..except of course the half dozen back links they include to their own websites or clients websites!

I really need to capitalise on my train commute and spend my time writing on Chatback…….he says falling asleep and dibbling on the guys shoulder next to him!



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