Security: @Syinstitute #itsyourinstitute – Assistance required! Can you spare some time?

In my network are many members of the Security Institute (SyI) and as you may know I was recently voted in as a Director. My portfolio has been confirmed as ‘Membership Growth, Retention and Sustainability’. This is one of most important areas and something I feel passionate about and was the main reason why I stood to become a Director. I would be interested to hear from any serving or potential members how the SyI could improve in this particular area.

Of course my role slots into a number of other portfolios for example, Member Services, Events and Exhibitions, Validation Board… name a few, but my focus is growing the membership and retaining the members we have.

If you want to become more involved in the development of the SyI please contact me as your support and guidance would be very much appreciated. This could be a sounding board for ideas or more, depending on the time you can commit.

I see this as a great opportunity to make a difference in the professional body that represents our industry and any help you can give would be beneficial to you, the wider membership and the future of the SyI.

Thanks very much, Paul

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