“Security Was Lax Because of Budget Cuts”

So how many times have we heard these immortal words…..’we have no budget’. For most security managers we hear this fairly often and its just a way of business, and no matter how frustrating its just a fact of life. However in the majority of cases it wouldn’t result in the loss of life, but the recent shootings in the Washington D.C Navy Yards did……12 people dead and 8 more injured.

Recently there was apparently a security review conducted and the report (yet to be published) highlights a number of security weaknesses which could not be actioned due to a lack of budget. No doubt further details will be released in the press over the coming days and weeks, but according to the the Daily Mail the report did highlight a specific concern around the level of access granted to outside contractors.

Washington DC Navy Yards

Washington D.C. Navy Yards

In a press conference on Monday night FBI assistant DC director Valerie Parlave said that they have concluded that the suspect Aaron Alexis had legitimately accessed the building (179) as his status as a contractor would have given him sufficient credentials to enter unquestioned. ‘He utilised a valid pass’. Furthermore Ms Parlave said during the press conference that Alexis 34, became a full-time Navy reservist in 2007 but was dismissed in 2011 following a series of ‘misconduct’ violations. He also had 2 previous arrests.

Not only does this raise issues from a Physical Security prospective but lets also add into the mix the ‘insider threat’ and a number of Personnel Security issues. Recently it was reported in the press that Buckingham Palace had experienced a break in and via twitter I commented…..’how are we supposed to get it right if they can’t’, this seems an obvious question once again and relevant to the recent events in Washington D.C.



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