SIRS Press Release – Summer 2012 Threats: The Final 10 Weeks

Press Release – May 2012

Summer 2012 Threats: The Final 10 Weeks

The Government has not addressed the main security threats during summer 2012, according to a SIRS Consultancy report. Instead, precious resources have been spent
on mitigating the least likely risks first.

The Government has prepared for the threats of 2001, rather than those of 2012. For example, the military have announced that they are making arrangements to place a
number of missiles in numerous sites across London, to prevent airliners hijacked in a similar fashion to the 9/11 attacks from crashing into their intended targets.

SIRS Consultancy have identified the major security threats to the Olympic Games in the order of likelihood and summarised them in the report, ‘Summer 2012 Threats: The
Final 10 Weeks’.

The top threats include:

  • Lone Wolves with no affiliation to any particular terrorist or subversive organisation
  • Dissident Irish Republicans disrupting the Olympic Torch procession
  • Civil disorder, including hijacked protests
  • Cyber attacks against high-profile websites

The report will be published exactly ten weeks before the Opening Ceremony and will serve as a final, single opportunity to recognise and mitigate the most serious risks.

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