Standing for a Security Institute Director Position – PLEASE VOTE FOR ME #ItsYourInstitute

I have decided to stand for a Director position at the Security Institute (SyI). I am passionate about the security industry and I believe that the SyI plays a key role in not only increasing the industry profile but also the people that work within it. 

I have held various voluntary roles in the institute for the last 7 years (details below). 

In order to be nominated I require two serving institute members to support my application. I have been proposed by Emma Shaw FSyI CSyP (previously our very successful SyI Chair) and seconded by – Sarah Austerberry FSyI. Both of these are highly regarded security professionals in their own right and I’m grateful for their support.

I hope that SyI members I already know, follow me on social media and some others will vote for me. You can vote either in person at the AGM on the 25th April at the Hallam Conference Centre, London W1 or via a proxy vote (details are yet to be released). To attend and vote in person please book via here.

With 9 nominations it’s testament to the security industry that members clearly want to be become more involved in the development of the SyI. This is the most I have ever seen and there are only 5 available posts – so voting is very important! To read all of the candidate profiles please visit the SyI website.

Where do I feel the institute can develop and how I want to help?

My reasons for becoming a Director are genuinely for the benefit of the membership and to further develop the Institute. I have spoken with members (and also some people who are not) and their views are similar to mine.

  • Adding value to our membership or approach it a different way, decide what value we should be offering members and/or what do members expect
  • Better understand why members are leaving and improve membership retention
  • The post-nominal’s (ASyI, MSyI and FSyI) allow us to standout from other security organisations. The validation process should remain robust, albeit I do see opportunities for further improvement (including the application process)
  • Increasing the profile of the Institute and the industry
  • The security sector consists of professionals working in many different sectors, the SyI should not focus on one area i.e. Corporate is as important as Military or Government, and also Law Enforcement is as important as retail
  • Explore opportunities to work with other organisations where security professionals work i.e. Information Security and Business Continuity groups or Fraud Forums

These are big asks but I feel they are key to improving the profile of our industry and making the SyI ‘current’. In my opinion the only way to truly make a difference, is to be more involved in some of the key decisions being made.

My previous and current SyI experience:

  • Joined the SyI in 2008
  • Serving member of the SyI Validation Board since 2010 – please click here to read about this group
  • Previous Vice Chairman of the Validation Board 2011-2014
  • Previous Chairman and formed the Validation Board Working Group 2012-2014

My areas of professional interest are;

  • Security assurance and governance
  • Travel risk management
  • Developing innovative value ways of working
  • Increasing the profile of security to non-security people, for example when recruiting new roles  or if a security consultant is required institute members should be the first place to look

    Who am I?

    I have worked in the security industry for over 20 years and I am currently a senior global corporate security manager within a FTSE100 company, having previously worked in the public and retail sectors. I have a good depth of security experience across different sectors, overseas as well as in the UK.

    I am a keen ‘amateur’ blogger, having done this for about 6 six years,  I also compliment it with twitter. I think its important to engage with peers and I enjoy sharing security news, views and advice (when I’m not moaning about the poor South Eastern trains service).

    For further information on my professional experience please feel free to read my LinkedIn profile.

      When I told a colleague I was standing for SyI Director he said…”Paul if Trump can be the US President and Boris Johnston Foreign Secretary then I’m sure you can be a Director of the Security Institute”.

      And finally…

      We are working in a heightened threat environment with unprecedented exposure  on the security sector. There is such a great opportunity to be represented by a professional body that fully supports and is working to the benefit of its membership.

      Having been an institute member since 2008 and playing an active role via various voluntary positions, I have a good understanding of the institute and what it currently offers (and unfortunately what it does not). I am proud to be a member, but I believe it can offer more (much more), and as a result increase the profile of security…which would ultimately benefit us all.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it’s a lot of information but I feel its key in order to fully understand why and how I’m approaching this. If you would like to contact me direct, please feel free to drop me an email via or tweet me @chatbacksy


      For more information about me please checkout my Linkedin profile at

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