Tackling Fraud: City force seeks financial and cyber-security expert volunteers to consult on economic crime inquiries

City of London Police is seeking financial and cyber-security experts to volunteer on a consultancy basis to assist investigators

Economic crime is now estimated to cost the UK more than £73 billion per year, causing direct harm to the economy and people nationwide. incomplex economic crime inquiries. The force is holding an open evening on Wednesday 26 September 2012 for interested parties to find out more.

The City of London Police is the national police service lead for economic crime. The force investigates a wide range of complex, high value and high profile economic crimes, some of which involve abuse of financial markets and cyber security-related criminality.

The force has a well-established volunteer scheme and already benefits from the skills and knowledge brought by those who give their time to various departments.

Recognising that economic crime investigators’ knowledge of financial markets and 21st century technology would be complimented by consulting those actively engaged in these areas, the force is seeking experts to volunteer within its Economic Crime Directorate.

City of London Police Commander Ian Dyson says: “We investigate some of the most complex and high value frauds in the UK, cases that are being made more intricate by evolving financial markets and constantly advancing technology.

“To effectively tackle this type of criminality and bring those responsible to justice we’re seeking experts in these fields to work with us as volunteer consultants.

“This arrangement will assist our investigators unpick the locks set up to undertake and conceal frauds, and provide volunteers with the opportunity to enhance their skills through a unique and rewarding experience.”

Businesses with corporate social responsibility schemes will have the opportunity to support their employees as volunteer consultants.

The open evening on Wednesday 26 September will further explain the type of work the force does, how volunteer consultants can help, and the benefits of getting involved for both individuals and corporate entities.

The open evening will take place at 37 Wood Street, EC2P 2NQ at 5.30pm. This is a free event, with refreshments provided.

For places, please contact DI Andrew Fyfe at andrew.fyfe@cityoflondon.pnn.police.uk.


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