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The Threat Within

We previously posted this article a while ago but it’s still just as relevant today….. But what exactly is the insider threat? What, or rather who, is an insider? Security professionals and government agencies all have their own definitions and

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>Counter Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities or It's Probably Nothing, But….

> ‘It’s probably nothing’ but your call could save lives – that’s the message of a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) counter-terrorism publicity campaign which seems to get reincarnated each year. It’s supported by radio, poster and 1.4m leaflet drop to households

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>FBI’s Robert Mueller Reflects On The Escalation Of Insider Threats

> This is areally interesting account from the Director of the FBI. It demonstrates histop priorities, details some recently publicised incidents and explains howthe threats from terrorism, espionage and cyber attacks are evolving. I thinkwe sometimes forget the excellent work

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>The Prevent Strand Steps Up

> The government’s revised Prevent counter-terrorism strategy was published today. It outlines that the Home Secretary Theresa May will promise to spend more on identifying threats in prisons, universities and the health service. Plans will be unveiled to prevent computers

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>CPNI Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Public Realm Intergration

> This week the Centre for Protection National Infrastructure (CPNI) released a Public Realm Integration document which although looks like it has been designed by Saatchi & Saatchi it offers some very good information about when and what you should

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> This week myself and Paul attended the Home Office Sceintific Development Branch (HOSDB) exhibition in Farnborough, Hampshire. HOSDB in conjunction with UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisations is the UK’s platform for showcasing to the world the

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>News – The Threat Within

> This is an excellent example of the threat an insider can pose to an organisation (and in this case potentially the public). Rajib KARIM deliberately sought a job in the UK that he could exploit for terrorist purposes. KARIM

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>Counter Terrorism Publicity Campaign Launched In London Today

> “It’s probably nothing” but your call could save lives – that’s the message of a new (??) counter-terrorism publicity campaign launched by the Metropolitan Police Service today (although is does appear to be a reincarnation of previous campaigns). I

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>The Washington Metro Are To Conduct Random Bag Checks

> Metro anti-terrorism teams will immediately start random inspections of passengers’ bags and packages to try to protect the rail and bus system from attack. Police using explosives-screening equipment and bomb-sniffing dogs will pull aside for inspection about every third

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>If You Suspect It, Report It!

> This the message the MPS has put out as part of its latest counter terrorism publicity campaign. It’s an old message put a very relevant one. Click here for the MPS new radio advertisement. The MPS want people to look out

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