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>Cyber Security – Hacked Stratfor Security Think-Tank Keeps Site Offline

> Date: 29 December 2011  Source: BBC News Hacked US security firm Stratfor has told its subscribers that it may take a week or even longer to restore its website. The site went offline on 24 December. Hackers have posted credit card

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>Update – Your chance to win a iPad 2: Cybersecurity Conference & Expo – Washington, DC (10% discount via Chatback Security)

> 3rd December Update: We wanted to give you an exciting new update about a new promotion where people can receive a 10% discount off their Cybersecurity Conference registration. Plus- if registrants attend the event on Thursday, Dec. 8, they’ll

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>GCHQ attracts wannabe spies with viral cryptography

> The GCHQ — Britain’s secretive agency of intelligence experts wants to find new spies. To make sure it has a candidate who’s up to scratch, the agency is inviting hobbyist cryptanalysts to try and break a code online. A website called “can

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>The New Cyber Security Strategy

> The government has announced new measures to fight cyber crime, to promote economic growth and to protect our nation’s security and our way of life. To specifically tackle the increased risk the UK electronic communications network faces from other

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>FBI’s Robert Mueller Reflects On The Escalation Of Insider Threats

> This is areally interesting account from the Director of the FBI. It demonstrates histop priorities, details some recently publicised incidents and explains howthe threats from terrorism, espionage and cyber attacks are evolving. I thinkwe sometimes forget the excellent work

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>8th Annual CISO Summit Rome 2011

> Day One – Cyber Crime Risk Following the Cloud Summit day one of the 8th Annual CISO Summit and Roundtable starts with Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie, Head of the Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU). Providing an overview of the

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>"Stuxnet – The Future of Malware"

> Click on the above to view Stephan’s presentation Stephan Freeman is Information Security Manager at the London School of Economics and he recently presented on this subject at the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) in Dublin. For further details on

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>Scam – HMRC Tax Refund Phishing Email

> A friend of mine recently received the phishing email below. The hypelinks at the bottom all go back to the main www.hmrc.gov.uk website, however the link that says ‘Click Here’ actually goes to http://al-dammas.com/tmp/awstats/hmrc/hmrc/refundportal.htm this website has now been suspended but

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>Guest Blogger: Cyberwar Meeting in European Parliament with NATO’s Jamie Shea

> This post was written by Reza Rafati – CEO Cyberwarzone.com and he has given us his permission to post it on Chatback Security. Reza recently responded to our request for guest bloggers and what a prefect way to kick

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>Insider Threat Most Costly for Organisations

> This article was originally posted by ‘The New New Internet – The Cyber Frontier’ and can be found here. There is also a powerpoint presentation summary of the survey results. A new cybersecurity survey found that cyber attacks perpetrated

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