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SIRS Press Release – Summer 2012 Threats: The Final 10 Weeks

Press Release – May 2012 Summer 2012 Threats: The Final 10 Weeks The Government has not addressed the main security threats during summer 2012, according to a SIRS Consultancy report. Instead, precious resources have been spent on mitigating the least

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>8th Annual CISO Summit Rome 2011

> Day One – Cyber Crime Risk Following the Cloud Summit day one of the 8th Annual CISO Summit and Roundtable starts with Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie, Head of the Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU). Providing an overview of the

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>"Stuxnet – The Future of Malware"

> Click on the above to view Stephan’s presentation Stephan Freeman is Information Security Manager at the London School of Economics and he recently presented on this subject at the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) in Dublin. For further details on

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>News – The Threat Within

> This is an excellent example of the threat an insider can pose to an organisation (and in this case potentially the public). Rajib KARIM deliberately sought a job in the UK that he could exploit for terrorist purposes. KARIM

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