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“Who Polices The Fraud And Security Managers?” UKFraud SIG Identifies The Measures That Need To Be In Place

Press Release via UK Fraud SIG on 9th September 2012 Following the recent high profile cases of senior fraud and online security managers being caught up with fraudulent activity, UKFraud’s Special Interest Group (SIG) for Corporate Fraud Prevention has drawn up

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Guest Post: Fraud and Security Risk Management – A Necessary Evil?

This has article has been kindly provided by AKD Services who provide an innovative approach to fraud and security risk management. Many organisations see fraud and security risk management as a necessary evil and as a “add on”, resource-expensive activity.

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Surely this isn’t Fraud? I must be just that lucky….

I was hoping to be one of the 100 euro lottery winners this Friday but it appears that I am so lucky I’ve just received a WINNING NOTIFICATION from the INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY ORGANISATIONS. How good is that CONGRATULATIONS to me!!! 

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Slough Named ID Fraud Capital of the UK

Slough has overtaken London to become the identity fraud capital of the UK according to figures released today by Experian. The Berkshire town recorded 25 identity fraud attempts for every 10,000 households, with residents targeted at around four times the

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>Fraud Women's Network – 'From Fagin to Phishing'

> Last Thursday I attended the 6th Annual Event and 5 year Celebration of  the Fraud Women’s Network (FWN). The event was called “From Fagin to Phishing” 200 Years of Organised Crime with presentations from Colin Woodcock MBE – SOCA

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>The Spy Next Door, Stealing Your Life For £44

> How easy can it be to steal your life? For less than 44 quid is it possible to steal your bank account username, password and bank account security questions? For less than 44 quid is it possible to harvest

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>Pass The Password

> 33% of computer users actually use the same password for every single website they use. Just one in five users say they use a different password for every site (imagine how many passwords you would need)!! Millions of web

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