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Fraud & Security – Social Engineering Awareness Workshop via @Jenny_Radcliffe

Social engineering is becoming increasingly common as a means by which fraudsters gain access to companies’ and organisations’ data and systems. Employees are tricked by fraudsters into breaching security protocols or giving away information – exploiting people as the weakest

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Travel/Info Security: Who Needs Social Engineering…..Don’t Forget Your Laptop!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of information that travellers on trains share with their fellow passengers. Five passengers within touching distance (sounds a bit pervy) were using laptops for business (two of which worked for large UK

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Infographic of the week: Why Ignoring Information Security is Lethal

Originally posted on London Love Business on 21/11/12

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Are Multi Functional Devices (MFD’s) a Security Risk?

Has this advanced technology lead to even more security risks? I was recently asked about how to dispose of one of these devices and subesequently found  (with a little help from my friends) that it contained a 40gb hard disk drive

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Press Release: (ISC)2® Foundation to Offer US$145,000 for 2013 Information Security Scholarships

Grant opportunities available to women, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students and faculty worldwide; candidates must apply by March 31st   London, U.K., November 20, 2012 —  Students and academics pursuing education in information security can begin their applications for 2013

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Press Release: New (ISC)2® Young Professionals Programme Offers Pathway into Cyber Security Field

Education and mentoring effort will give a leg up to young people who aspire to succeed as information security specialists—and help bridge a major skills shortage. London, U.K., 06 September, 2012 – (ISC)2® (“ISC-squared”), the world’s largest information security professional

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Information Security: How cybercriminals and hacktivists use DDoS tools to attack

Remote access, shell booters, low-orbit ion cannons – read all about it here Network professionals know that distributed denial-of-service attacks are an ever-growing danger. The recent assault onTwitter is just the latest evidence. Using a mushrooming array of advanced tools, including pay-per-use services

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Information Security: Q – When is bad security good? A – When you catch a pervert!

A 46-YEAR-OLD man’s secret computer stash of child pornography was discovered after he asked a workmate to record a television programme, a court has heard. Nicholas Hill, of Belvoir Crescent, Newhall, handed a memory stick to his colleague, who made the

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Information Security : Digital Forensics Proactive Or Reactive?

For a number of years digital forensics has referred to ‘the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques to gather evidence suitable for presentation in a court of law’. While collecting this digital evidence, to be used retrospectively in subsequent

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Information Security: Public ‘left in dark’ about cyber security failures

Many cyber security failures are still not detected – and even when they are, most are not reported to authorities or made known to the public, according to a study by the European Network and Information Security Agency. When large

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