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Security – Metal theft raid yields major haul

Hundreds of memorial plaques from churches and crematoriums, a statue of Christ and entire intact cross, a giant ornamental Oriental dragon statue and copper cabling were among a major haul of items seized by police in a raid on a

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New Facewatch phone App launched to help identify Police CCTV images

The Metropolitan Police are asking the London Public for help in identifying thousands of images relating to low level crimes from across the Capital using a new App called Facewatch id. To help make identification extremely easy the images will

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>Counter Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities or It's Probably Nothing, But….

> ‘It’s probably nothing’ but your call could save lives – that’s the message of a Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) counter-terrorism publicity campaign which seems to get reincarnated each year. It’s supported by radio, poster and 1.4m leaflet drop to households

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>National Day of Protest UK Uncut Christmas Special, Information for Businesses From the Met Police

> UK Uncut has recently announced an event entitled ‘Christmas Special’, which is being promoted to take place on Saturday, 17 December 2011 between 1300 hours and 1700 hours. The stated aims of this protest are to highlight the government austerity measures

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>Be There For London!

> And your employees can be there for you in London’s biggest year…. Your organisation can be there for London through the Employer Supported Policing (ESP) programme. Support your employees by giving them a little paid leave each month and

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