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Security – Compensation and Market Trends Report 2015 via @BarclaySimpson

The Barclay Simpson 2015 Mid-Year Report combines a review of the prevailing conditions in the security recruitment market with the results of a comprehensive compensation survey, covering both permanent and contract security practitioners. The results of the survey, together with their own

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Security Risk Management: Proactive vs. Reactive

Recently I was asked what is the difference between proactive or reactive security management? It’s a good question and one that I have heard several times recently. For me reactive is dealing with or responding to an incident or situation or question…..with

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Physical Security Breach – The Diamond Geezers

In the wake of the recent hack at Ashley Madison there is once again a focus on information security or cyber security (or whatever we are calling it this week). BUT as you may have seen in the news today

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Physical Security: Would you publish a video tour of your data center online?

I’m not too sure many companies would put video tours of one of their most sensitive assets on the internet? Data centers are generally considered one of these and often attract the ‘gold standard’ of protection, but could such a

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180,000 reasons why you shouldn’t forget about physical security via @BrianHonan

I sometimes talk about how Physical Security is forgotten and often at the peril of individuals and/or corporate bodies. This morning on my commute I came across an interesting blog article highlighting exactly this point! The article is provided by BH Consulting’s Security

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Global Security – Global Peace Index 2015

The 2015 Global Peace Index shows that the world is becoming increasingly divided with some countries enjoying unprecedented levels of peace and prosperity while others spiral further into violence and conflict. Check out the interactive map here Vision of Humanity

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Turn old iPhones into home security devices #Presenceapp via @PeoplePowerCo

A new project on Indiegogo aims to improve home security by turning old iPhones and Android devices into security cameras and adding extra home sensors that can monitor certain activities. Presence Security, available for pre-order starting at $179 on Indiegogo, comes

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Security: PCI DSS + Sensitive Area’s + Childish Humor = Not a Good Combination!

This morning I was looking around for some inspiration for a self assessment security questionnaire and of course the PCI-DSS came top of my Google search list. It was even more interesting to see that ‘Public Facing’ is referred to

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Email Security: Do people get fooled by these emails? #phishing #scam

Landing in my inbox today is an email from the FBI, yes an actual email from the FBI (or so it would have me believe)! From Special Agent TIMOTHY GALLAGHER on behalf of the FBI Director COMEY (who is the

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The Obligatory End of Year Security Post

2014 has been an interesting year with a lot of global security incidents, trends and geopolitical issues. Some of these have caused us more headaches then others and some have even caused a few sleepless nights! We have heard from

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