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Let’s Not Forget The Physical Security Threat

Of course in reality we don’t but at times it can be difficult to get the relevant committees or c-suite members to listen when the recent incidents or risk perception are low. We regularly read figures which demonstrate the attempted

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Security in Challenging Environments (SCE) Week 28th – 31st October 2013 London

SCE Week is the global meeting place for security leaders active in the world’s most complex operating environments. Over four days in October, three separate forums will bring a wealth of experience and expertise in one place to demonstrate what success

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IT/Cyber Security: How hackers exploit ‘the seven deadly sins’

By Prof Alan Woodward Department of Computing, University of Surrey. Originally posted on BBC. Cybercriminals are more than willing to exploit instincts which make users vulnerable The phenomenon of “social engineering” is behind the vast majority of successful hacking. This

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The Threat Within

We previously posted this article a while ago but it’s still just as relevant today….. But what exactly is the insider threat? What, or rather who, is an insider? Security professionals and government agencies all have their own definitions and

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>Social Spy At Work – Surveillance in (and by) the workplace

> This report is worth a read it highlights how organisations may or apparently do use publicly available information on the internet to make decisions about current staff and potentially new members of staff. Media searches have been around for sometime

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>References – The Truth, or not the truth, that is the question!


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>Terror Plot BA Employee Gets 30 Years

> Rajib Karim, 31, from Newcastle (originally from Bangladesh) a former British Airways software engineer has been jailed for 30 years for plotting to blow up a plane. I think this is an excellent example of the insider threat (albeit

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