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Security Risk Management: Proactive vs. Reactive

Recently I was asked what is the difference between proactive or reactive security management? It’s a good question and one that I have heard several times recently. For me reactive is dealing with or responding to an incident or situation or question…..with

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Physical Security: Would you publish a video tour of your data center online?

I’m not too sure many companies would put video tours of one of their most sensitive assets on the internet? Data centers are generally considered one of these and often attract the ‘gold standard’ of protection, but could such a

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Let’s Not Forget The Physical Security Threat

Of course in reality we don’t but at times it can be difficult to get the relevant committees or c-suite members to listen when the recent incidents or risk perception are low. We regularly read figures which demonstrate the attempted

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Physical Security – The ‘Ring of Steel’ is replaced with a ‘Ring of Copper (s)’

Beefed-up counter-terrorism tactics are being introduced in the City of London two decades after a “ring of steel” was put in place around the Square Mile. City of London Police have carried out three years of research looking at the

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Happy New Year! Security Predictions for 2014…

There are some major events planned for 2014 including the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (Volgograd has had some recent terrorist incidents), the World Cup in Brazil in July (what more can I say), the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July/August,

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Security in Challenging Environments (SCE) Week 28th – 31st October 2013 London

SCE Week is the global meeting place for security leaders active in the world’s most complex operating environments. Over four days in October, three separate forums will bring a wealth of experience and expertise in one place to demonstrate what success

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Physical Security : A Recent History of Diamond Heists

I read this on the National Geographic site  and I thought it was an interesting summary of heists. Jewellery heists happen surprisingly often. What’s less common is that the perpetrators get caught. You would expect that security measures would be

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Guest Post Physical Security : Should You Invest In Mobile Alarm Monitoring?

Guest Post – This has article has been kindly provided by Protection One – Home Security Systems As burglars learn new ways to gain access into your home, it is important for you to stay current on new technology advances that

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Security – Metal theft raid yields major haul

Hundreds of memorial plaques from churches and crematoriums, a statue of Christ and entire intact cross, a giant ornamental Oriental dragon statue and copper cabling were among a major haul of items seized by police in a raid on a

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>Physical Security – A Visit to Hadrian's Wall

> Richard and I were in area, it would be rude not to visit Hadrian’s Wall. Physical Security doesn’t get much better then this, 73 miles long, survived for over 2,000 years and only took 6 years to complete! 

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