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>Yet Another Scam Email!

> It must be that time of year again! My spam folder seems to be full of these scamsters! Email sent via hassanmohamedlaw@yahoo.com

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>Scam – HMRC Tax Refund Phishing Email

> A friend of mine recently received the phishing email below. The hypelinks at the bottom all go back to the main www.hmrc.gov.uk website, however the link that says ‘Click Here’ actually goes to http://al-dammas.com/tmp/awstats/hmrc/hmrc/refundportal.htm ´╗┐this website has now been suspended but

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>19,000 scam emails in four days

> More than 19,000 scam emails have poured into the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) since Action Fraud set up a dedicated email address for people targeted online by fraudsters. For years, criminals have been sending letters telling recipients they

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>Part 3: Scams Awareness Month – There's Something About Mary!

>I have never received so many Scam emails but then again I haven’t sold a car via ebay before! One clear mistake is including my email address in the body of the advert, I will be changing that once I

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>Scams Awareness Month – I Must Have Victim Written All Over Me!

> It is currently Scams Awareness Month and I previously highlighted a scam which I received via email regarding my ebay account and specifically around issues with a credit card (view the article here). So today I received an email regarding a

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>Scams Awareness Month – Ebay Scam

> I couldn’t have planned this better, but as we are in Scams Awareness Month I thought I would advise you of a scam I have received into my email inbox. I recently received a message from ‘eBay’ informing me that

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