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SIRS Press Release – Summer 2012 Threats: The Final 10 Weeks

Press Release – May 2012 Summer 2012 Threats: The Final 10 Weeks The Government has not addressed the main security threats during summer 2012, according to a SIRS Consultancy report. Instead, precious resources have been spent on mitigating the least

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Carmdale Free Active Shooter Guide

This is a useful and informative document kindly provided by Mark Corder at Carmdale. Although considering active shooters seem a little far fetched to some it really is an area that security teams must consider. The guide is designed for people

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>Threat Level Lowered – 'Substantial'

> Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the terror threat level for the UK has been reduced from severe to substantial. However, a terrorist attack still remains a strong possibility and may well occur without further warning, she went

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