The Obligatory End of Year Security Post

2014 has been an interesting year with a lot of global security incidents, trends and geopolitical issues. Some of these have caused us more headaches then others and some have even caused a few sleepless nights!

We have heard from a couple of leading security organisations some clear aspirations for the future and it will be interesting to see how this will progress in 2015 and beyond. I have a fear that sometimes there is a concentration on the big numbers. Yes members make the voice stronger but reputation, retention, respect, quality and delivery are all very important (just like our day to day experiences in business).

Two stand out events for me were towards the end of 2014……

It was good to hear at the Winter ASIS UK chapter meeting views from the experienced speakers and audience members that there is a trend for too much focus placed on cyber and that there is still very much a requirement for other security professional’s i.e. corporate security, physical security, personnel security etc etc. I actually wrote a piece on this a couple of months prior to this event here.

At the London First Security and Resilience meeting I heard from the Keith Bristow the Director General at the NCA on the issues he has encountered since taking on the role and shaking off the stigmas relating to SOCA (not dissimilar to our industry at times).

There are some interesting risks and threats that I think will develop during 2015 and we need to ensure that our profession is best placed to deal with them. I don’t like the term ‘convergence’ but I do see us needing to further breakdown any barriers and work more closely with infosec, business continuity, risk and compliance teams. Will there ever be a one person fits all…. a super security professional??

The Super Security Professional

The Super Security Professional

From a business perspective there is more focus and boardroom time spent discussing security (in its broadest sense). This is great, and in part due to the global threat landscape but also the desire for regulatory organisations to focus more and more on the security of data. This brings some interesting challenges…..

For me it’s about return of investment yes security has a £’s cost code , yes we don’t generate revenue but we can certainly improve profitability in so many ways.

The good news for anyone looking for a new role is you could secure around a 17% pay increase in the process, as highlighted in the Barclay Simpsons Compensation and Market Tends Report. If the trend continues this could even increase in 2015 and further demonstrates we are in demand!

For me personally its been a great year having taken on more responsibility, continuing to learn new things and working with some great people.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Advice for 2015

Hot off the press, my advice for 2015!


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