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It’s that time again when the Security Institute holds it’s Annual Conference. We both attended last year and it was held in a very nice hotel near the River Thames in Windsor and lasted two days, this yearwith a change in format it is being held in a posh office in the City of London.

The day should start with the Annual General Meeting and some elections, this is shortly followed by the conference lasting for the rest of the day. There is an exhibition which will be open throughout and hopefully there will be plenty of time for us to update, comment and post what’s happening.

Once the Conference concludes we will adjourn to the roof terrace for an evening drinks reception and informal dinner, so at least that’s something to look forward to already.

The AGM goes off without event and all those nominated for Directorship are confirmed. The chair of the Institute provides a whistle stop welcome, background and the future tour where the Institute is going.

The conference starts with Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes who shapes what is actually going on in London during 2012 as well as the Olympics. Always a very good and engaging speaker who knows the audience he is speaking to.

Continuing the political theme next up is Lynne Featherstone MP who doesn’t say too much about the new regulatory authority that is to replace The Security Industry Authority (SIA) and says that she doesn’t want to steal Bill Butler’s thunder, so I look forward to finding out some detail.

Following a coffee break we are back with presentations from RSA, Normura and the Post Office. So far the presentations are on fraud and disaster recovery, there may be a danger of losing some of the audience as not much security is being mentioned.
Catch up with you all soon.

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