The Value of Security: So you really think security is just a waste of money?

As with most of us I am on LinkedIn and daily I read the normal self-inflating egotistical rubbish (and yes sometimes I do also fall under that heading), but today I came across a Pulse article that I really found interesting and it’s titled ‘So you really think security is just a waste of money???????’

Initially I thought that this was going to be a rant but actually what Rollo Davies writes is correct in so many ways!

A response to all those:
“We don’t need security!……”
“Security do nothing!……”
“Security is a Waste of Money!….”
…..comments, I keep getting flagged up to have a look at recently

Rollo mentions that he estimates a saving of over £750k this year alone….now if we could qualify this then surely the figures speak for themselves. Of course this doesn’t include the value of savings where he has deterred a crime from happening just because of the ‘security presence’ and the effect of “they have security….lets go next door”.

I estimate I saved the businesses and organisations I look after, over £750,000 just this year in damage control and saved energy, but who knows how much in business continuity and lost data expenses!!!!!!!! £millions…… without doubt!

There has been some highly publicised media stories recently regarding the great work that security does in preventing and detecting crime and this shows the importance of the frontline roles. Below are some of these stories……

I have mentioned this previously in my blog articles and particularly here. I often get asked how can we report on more PhySec but unlike the InfoSec world we don’t receive notifications or alerts for every intrusion or every ‘scan’ of the network…..we lack metrics to enable this. Therefore it can be more difficult to demonstrate the value of our security. That said you should absolutely report on what you can and make the most of it.

In addition to this profit seems to be a bad word for security companies when tendering for contracts and often if they can demonstrate the ‘added value’ tasks (filling copiers, restocking fridges etc etc) then they win the contract…..but most security professionals don’t want to do these tasks so businesses end up with non security people doing security work.

Anyway I’m not going to carry on as I think Rollo puts his point across well. Of course thanks to Rollo for publishing the original article and keep up the good work! The full article is here and also pasted below……

So you really think security is just a waste of money???????

A response to all those:
“We don’t need security!……”
“Security do nothing!……”
“Security is a Waste of Money!….”
…..comments, I keep getting flagged up to have a look at recently.

Ignorance is bliss I suppose, but let me take a moment to educate you.

Please note. Just because we may be working ‘out of hours’ and not in front of you, it certainly doesn’t mean we have no use… In fact, just the opposite.

Call this, ‘A reality check’…. or ‘a wake up call’… But please just listen up and let me introduce you to the most valuable service you could ever pay for, and in so many cases, the only reason many companies still exist!

I work in the Alarm Response and Mobile Patrol, field of the security industry, at the coal face, in the South East of London and Kent areas of the UK.
Nothing I say is made up or exaggerated, because I simply don’t need to do so.

I’m an ex Metropolitan Police Officer and I genuinely feel the work I do now is more important and crucial to the local economy in general, and business continuity in particular.

On just one recent, not particularly busy, 12 Hour shift, I encountered the following:

*** A break in at a school, where the suspects knew to attack the external windows of the computer suite! I was close by, arrived within 12 minutes. (Police were too busy to respond.) Suspects appear to have been scared off as I pulled up having only damaged the window unit they were removing but failed to gain access… Speaking to the caretaker (I called out to re-secure the site), they failed to leave with over £8000 worth of PC equipment, I pads, Projectors etc etc……
Damage to the window was approx £200.

*** On my routine patrol, I found a Major, Town Centre, Public Library with the main Entrance doors insecure, clearly ajar and with no alarm set due to a system fault! I entered, checked site, sorted the alarm issue and properly secured the doors! Value of DVDs, Blu Ray Discs, CDs, and not to mention Books…. That could easily be removed by 3 people in one hit is over £3000, easily….

*** Whilst securing a Dartford Office block I found, in the 2nd floor toilets, a blocked sink with a tap that had not been turned off fully and had just started to cause an overflow on to the floor. No big deal for me to turn off the tap properly, wipe the floor down and hook the discarded tissue out of the sink and let it drain…. No big deal for me… However…. The toilet was above the computer suite on the floor below and if there was no security to sort it out, 11 hours worth of water would have been busy leaking through to the floor below, causing £thousands in physical damage and untold loss of data, not to mention further business continuity issues…..

*** With a known ‘traveller’ issue nearby, I found a Retail Park, with the vehicle gate padlock, nearly sawn through, which would have allowed the customer car park to become a ‘gypsy’ encampment should access have been made after my inspection…. I was able to replace the damaged padlock with a more robust lock and chain, and ensure that customers for the Halfords, Currys and Carphone Warehouse units could still utilize the car park without hindrance or unnecessary restriction…. Cost saved to businesses £thousands…

*** I was called to respond to a Fire Alarm activation (Yes, we do that as well!) at a large school in the Bexley area, I was close and able to attend and investigate before 2 local LFB Fire Appliances arrived, (also called by the central station monitoring company), thus quickly briefing and freeing the Fire Brigade to attend a serious residential call. Without my being there, a keyholder would have had to be called out by the LFB and may have had them tied up and unable to leave the site for, potentially, hours!

The rest of my shift was even more uneventful….It is routine for security. Doesn’t even warrant ‘a report’ in most cases as unblocking fire exits, locking doors that staff missed, sorting faulty alarm systems, turning off lights and copiers etc etc is bread and butter stuff for me…..
Saves untold amounts of money for you!

Security doesn’t sell stuff or make you a nice big profit for the bottom line! We are just the most important and fundamental way you can actually keep operating as any kind of business!

I can’t disagree that I have found lazy, useless, “uniform fillers” in the industry, more likely to sleep for 12 hours than actively protect your property….
……So what exactly do you expect for bugger all salary above the minimum wage?

Staff that are professionals, with the training and experience to protect your multi million pound business and ensure the safety of the valuable staff working for you, probably are going to tell you where to go when you beat the price down to the level of your contract cleaners!

You want a box ticked for your insurance purposes? Then any useless SIA badged idiot will fit the bill.

You actually care about your company? Really value the safety of your staff? Have a fundamental understanding of the need to reduce loss through theft, poor practice or major incident?

My salary isn’t great…… But I estimate I saved the businesses and organisations I look after, over £750,000 just this year in damage control and saved energy, but who knows how much in business continuity and lost data expenses!!!!!!!! £millions…… without doubt!

…… Pay a decent company, top dollar for the best, most experienced and well trained SECURITY PROFESSIONALS, that will care about your business like it is there own! They are out there…. Certainly NOT AT BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES!!!!!!
I give a damn about the business I have to protect.

If you own a business, wake up and give a damn as well!!!!!!



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