Travel/Info Security: Who Needs Social Engineering…..Don’t Forget Your Laptop!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of information that travellers on trains share with their fellow passengers.

Protect Your LaptopFive passengers within touching distance (sounds a bit pervy) were using laptops for business (two of which worked for large UK PLC’s). They then went off to the toilet or to grab a coffee whilst leaving their laptops behind. The laptops were unlocked (not password protected) and just sitting there waiting to be the latest security incident or data breach!

We have all heard of social engineering and the risks associated to it but why make it easy. Did these passengers know the people sat next to them, after all they didn’t know me.

If this sounds a little unlikely please checkout this excellent video from CPNI.

Please don’t leave your laptop behind and if you must then press the windows button and L to lock it (assuming you have a strong password on it of course but then that’s another blog post)!


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