Turn old iPhones into home security devices #Presenceapp via @PeoplePowerCo

A new project on Indiegogo aims to improve home security by turning old iPhones and Android devices into security cameras and adding extra home sensors that can monitor certain activities.

Presence Security, available for pre-order starting at $179 on Indiegogo, comes with a variety of wireless sensors that can be managed directly from a mobile app, including two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a gateway sensor and a window sticker sensor. The number of sensors can be further increased by selecting a more expensive package that can include water, touch and temperature sensors, and extra sensors should be added to Presence systems in the future.

The mobile app lets the user monitor these sensors, including checking video streams from older smartphones turned into cameras, and can be used to set up rules and alerts based on information received from the sensors. No monthly fees are required to make Presence work after purchasing a starter package.

The project needs to raise $20,000 in the next month to become a real product. A video and a press release further explain how Presence works below.


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