>Update – Your chance to win a iPad 2: Cybersecurity Conference & Expo – Washington, DC (10% discount via Chatback Security)


3rd December Update:
We wanted to give you an exciting new update about a new promotion where people can receive a 10% discount off their Cybersecurity Conference registration. Plus- if registrants attend the event on Thursday, Dec. 8, they’ll be entered to win an iPad 2! Click here for more information http://on.fb.me/GovCyberiPad
Previous Message:
The Cybersecurity Conference and Expo is coming up on December 8-9 in Washington, DC – delivering in-depth training for government practitioners and essential networking opportunities with government and industry leaders at the forefront of cybersecurity initiatives.
It will bring together government and private industry to learn about advanced technologies and strategies addressing global information security threats.
The 2-day conference will offer insights and education on topics including: 
  • The latest threats and solutions, risk mitigation, cyber espionage and the pillaging of American technology
  • The business aspects of cyber – calculating ROI, cybersecurity investment strategy, education and training

The full brochure is available here.

A great list of industry experts –
click to expand (then you might be able to read it!)

Are you prepared to tackle the evolving cyber threats? The Cybersecurity Expo provides unique solutions for government agencies to manage cybersecurity programs and mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.

This looks like a fantastic opportunity to meet industry experts and to keep upto date on the latest technology and threats in the cybersecurity arena.
It’s too far for me to travel unfortunately but if you are interested in attending you can receive a 10% discount via here.

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